A Long, Long Time Ago

I rode shotgun in your sedan
full of squirrels
and we’d argue about who was better
Byron or Keroauc
on the road
we’d dissect movies
drink impossible amounts of coffee
and smoke back when i smoked
cigars for you, reds for me
we dreamed up books and shows
and laughed ourselves sideways
in the booths of the restaurants we closed
and i loved you
how i loved you. but when you asked
all i could do was laugh
because she was out there somewhere perfect to your perfect
and i was destined to be
if not a sister
my dear, dear brother
we both know we were Long lost twins
carried up a ravine
and given to good folk
and look at you
happy and succeeding
with her
and look at me. the same
and still able to talk to each other often all these years
because I’m not an ex
just a crazy good friend who always has your back
a sister from heaven’s days


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