Each flick brings streams of disaster and perfume ads another flick another flick

I hit the news incendiary and unkind, I read the headlines but have to pay to read the articles flick another flick

Finally what I came for, a message from a friend- she’s selling something for her business I click like flick again

I want a moment to hover over someone’s day take in their smile breath with them in their pain. I want connection. Not found on this page. Flick flick again


He had a way of making a compliment seem like a slap yet time after time I imagine taking him back back into the role he created for himself no help from me but once he entrenched like an infection and left bubbling up with the pus there left a hole I can’t keep my finger out of- but here’s to healing and all that good stuff. Here’s to majesty and terrains and vistas here’s to feeling small in the expanse when I used to throw my arms wide and breathe in the distance and feel big as the world here’s to heartbreak not from a lover but a friend

Future Dreams

From the birthing shores to the fallen drones, all is silence

As we push on through the swollen morn, all is silence

We awake new people each day

But haunt our lives away with tales of error and woe

When we can make our own stories now, all is silence


Beyond the niceties I know I am no mother

For of my three none grows, all embedded in therapies and unsweet dreams

For a man I let crawl into their heads as i dumbly ate my cud no mother bear nor lioness pricked her ears until the disaster had struck

The roar become a wailing, the defense become stuck


Upon the rock of discontent, our city drops its skirts

Inhales the dust and detritus, declares itself at home

When all around on higher climes, the air perfumed in rose

Tis not for me, my city claims

I’d rather lie in dirt.


What mighty terror keeps me bound

Adjusts my lenses badly

And tinkles out life’s little sounds

As vermin in the city?

Tis naught but me! frail and sad

Upon my own chest beating

Such fiery words- I cannot tell

Myself from self in bleating