Blooms regardless of grammar
Hums out veins whose strands follow the strains of sun

Replaces man-made with once-there
Forgives ramblings repeats itself repeats itself repeats
Itself a truth untied though fettered by man

Mr. Whatwashisname

You never mention snow in June
But now you mention her
As if she’d swirl in like the wind

And always be your girl

So if I’m packing parkas for a summer camp
Be sure I’ll know you’ll mention her
How pine trees made her snap

And the grand canyon couldn’t out-grand her smile
It’s been awhile, I’ll say
When I see her someday

On your arm

I don’t plan on laughing more lady-like
I quite like a well-placed guffaw
And one day I’ll be having a grand ole time
With someone who loves me as much as I loved ya

And I won’t mention you in passing
For you’ll have faded like a winter day

No, I’ll be laughing
Laughing, laughing

Sometimes laughing for no reason at all

The Rivers of Columbia

Her grace wades through the muddied water
Each step stirs up a mealy goo
But on and on she goes til trudging up the banks
Frail moon barely a toothpick
Watches her press on
Up the banks
To breach the castle gate
Where her king has been deposed

And the halls of her kingdom will hear her wailing
See her muddy the steps
And the throne

Yes, even burn it to the ground

Yet even burned
The foundation and framework
Remain true

Burned to the ground
As if the castle made the crown
A faint sigh was all was left of her