The Bad Crush

i had a crush
a bad crush
the kinda crush that makes you think the other guy’s got a crush
on you
and i was above it all
not a toe cross the line
until i couldn’t see him at all
oh, i had a bad, bad crush
the kind you can’t tell no one bout
not even the crush
but i did good things for him
and wished him good thoughts
and in all that good i got caught
in a crush
a bad, bad, bad crush
the kinda crush you tell people he has
on you
cause it’s true
then it’s not
but you still have that bad, bad, bad, bad crush
i think i can see him again without looking away
i think i could even smile
a little
little smile
that has nothing to do with him at all
i think i can glow by myself again
and not wish to step up and out again
if he enters a room
i think i could write one last poem for him
even a bad bad bad bad bad one
and leave it at that

or maybe two


As I Sat Expiring

at the side of the road
a fire
she huddles around
waiting for her children
they break through the trees
in woven clothes and tails
and in all good manners greet Sollilabelle

at the side of the road
they careen and carouse
these children of forest
and Sollilabelle

she offered them gifts of breads and beads, of market tomatoes fresh from the trees
and hungrily they eat. hungrily they tell tales
and this is the one i overhead

in the blackest wood
streaks a red heart
from which grows a sword
the man that wields that sword
will fall ill
and a woman fair no better-

but one wish it grant
and one only
that you become closer to a perfect self

dear readers,
i accepted the invitation
and lay 5 years prostrate
in illness no one could uncover

but i rise in the sixth year to tell you true
better i am. and wiser too

The Meeting

the surf quiet
sunrise near completion
i hear her tattering robes
behind me
the scent of ocean strong as she approaches
i was once you
a drowning child
where have we all gone

the nightmare ended
i turn to her
there are only two of us now
what is to be
and what was

which am i
i smile
and pull her closer
does it matter?
we’ve survived

A Long, Long Time Ago

I rode shotgun in your sedan
full of squirrels
and we’d argue about who was better
Byron or Keroauc
on the road
we’d dissect movies
drink impossible amounts of coffee
and smoke back when i smoked
cigars for you, reds for me
we dreamed up books and shows
and laughed ourselves sideways
in the booths of the restaurants we closed
and i loved you
how i loved you. but when you asked
all i could do was laugh
because she was out there somewhere perfect to your perfect
and i was destined to be
if not a sister
my dear, dear brother
we both know we were Long lost twins
carried up a ravine
and given to good folk
and look at you
happy and succeeding
with her
and look at me. the same
and still able to talk to each other often all these years
because I’m not an ex
just a crazy good friend who always has your back
a sister from heaven’s days


Slip into a familiarity with me
Of longtime friends
We’ll recite the past to make us laugh
Keep pace and bark at hens

Slipstream with me
To our graves
Whole cities apart
Hands over hearts
Still chuckling until it hurts

Slip with me over the icy years
We will stumble but never fall

The Dance

Intelligence in poetry
a maze of probability
But some parts blocked
By higher promises

A desire to dance
Tugs me along the paths
Propped up in the hallway
My partner masked

Swirl your tailcoats
Grasp my hand
Leave me breathless
Even bloodied as we sway
To the music of our scuffing feet

violins silenced
stars in attendance
As our pens skip

Starship ’79

light betrays the fine wrinkling dust
The scars of asteroids
The finest starship dancing with space junk
An odd jig circling the hemisphere
A fortune its radio sings
Of human love
Of humanity at all
A pilot who treads the stars
Knows the Earth
Speaks of hell
In such pretty language