I sit upon the humbled road
Seek respite from the sun in shade
Encourage all to move along
Than hang my head and plot my grave
Upon the hill seems too far now
Perhaps these few feet shy
Would grant me rest if I should dig and did through the night
Then shrinking into the hole as sunrise crept into view
I laid and crossed my arms

I am done!

These misfiring steps and addled mind have burdened their last

Passed me, a breeze
Passed me, a soul-touch
Still I only stirred
Murmured- place for such as I?

Then stumbling weakly I arose
Chin pressed into the earth
To see what clamor I supposed
Could stir the dying from corpse

Birds sang on
Hummed along the world
But pricked my ear again
A silence in the crowd
I pulled my aging body up
Twas this peace I yearned to find
And wandering still, I stop and close my eyes
It exists
The balm for my heart
No grave could quite exact it
The first star in a black night
The first sun’s touch on the backside of the world
A joy whispered through the flesh
And I seek it to my death


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