Come Join an Amazing Group of Mental Health Warriors

I have joined a group of people from around the world to talk about and tackle mental health. For those of you who don’t know, I’m bipolar (type 2.) I plan on talking more about mental health in the coming months and will be posting on The Bipolar Writer’s WordPress page. I wanted to invite you to join the discussion.

James Edgar Skye (The Bipolar Writer on WordPress) collaborated with Grounds for Clarity on a Discord Channel called Community Mental Health Discussions. It is a place where you can come anonymously if needed to discuss the many topics that come with mental illness and mental health. Our goal is to have open-ended discussions that are open 24/7. James Edgar Skye, Em and myself are moderators. Beyond that it is a place where you can share your thoughts in a controlled atmopshere.  

Want to join? Go to

Sign up for a discord account.

Then add me as a friend – Aby#6992

Send me a message that you are from WordPress, introduce yourself to me in a direct message if I don’t know you, and I will add you to the group!

If you have any questions or need help simply reach out. 

Or email me @

Here is the introduction to our discord:

Welcome to the first of its kind Discord community in which our goal is to provide a safe, anonymous, immersive, and experiential learning experience into mental health discussion. 

We will provide a safe, anonymous, immersive and experiential learning experience into mental health discussion by sharing our personal stories. Here, we value transparency, your story, your authenticity…. in a place where we accept everyone’s point of view.

And what that means is, we may not always agree with one another and we believe within our community safely challenging one another’s perspectives is the key to collaborative discussion. 

We strongly desire for everyone to speak from the lens with which they view life including but not limited to: 


Religion/ Deity

Sexual orientation

Socioeconomic status


Racial make-up



Physical/ Mental/ Social/ Emotional/ Environmental/ Spiritual factors


Age (Group is reserved for 18 years and up)

Mother tongue

Professional/ Role in society

Taste of music

Sense of humour

Criminal record

Sports affiliation

Military background

All inclusive in a respectful way is what we strive to achieve at this Discord channel.

Discord Moderators can be personally messaged if you wish to voice a concern. However, we strongly encourage open discussion during “stuck” times in conversation in order to foster mutual respect.
The right to delete comments, ban individuals and block chat members is reserved to Discord Moderators as follows:

James Edgar Skye
Aby (that’s me!) 

If you have any questions please contact me or leave comments below. This is separate from our weekly Saturday discussions that we will be hosting on Zoom.

Always Keep Fighting


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