Writing and Poetry

I promised myself a full year of poetry

then on to short short stories

I find I’ve come to year’s edge
and find no desire to quit my pen
not for any other work, house included

but poetry

I’ve managed 6 notebooks front and back this year. Plus a bit. Alongside leaning- the next set of journals waiting to be filled next year.

Goals count. they make the creative move. dance. I’ve met folk along the way. And count them as must-reads on the daily.

So next year, I’m revisiting poems with work in mind,

driving out several double short stories.

writing more poetry.

attending more pretty readings. submitting seriously.

Getting more involved in the literary world in my small paw of the world. I’m playing with the idea of writing all my prose stories as poetry.

Happy New Year soon.

What are your writing goals?

I have a thing for Denik journals.

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