Queen Me

How many girls have tried your heart
Would you have me walk among them
In other words
Can a man and woman be friends
I say yes
Hand me that pastry
I promise to return it intact
But for now let’s not make it anybody’s snack
Answer me three questions of your choosing
And I will listen and not judge
Choose wisely
Poetry can be the most forgiving confessional
Or a waste of silliness
It’ll matter in how we play
Chess in later days


One thought on “Queen Me

  1. One – Am I stubborn? Yes, very, but I’m well aware of it and I try to keep it under control.
    Two – Am I a male chauvinist? No, emphatically not. Any man who does not treat women as his equals is a loser.
    Three – Do I believe men and women can be friends? Absolutely; I have been friends with many women where I have worked, but I have never once been even tempted to be unfaithful to my wife.

    And yes, I do play chess on Chessworld.net under the same name as I use on WordPress.

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