Thy silent face
So foreign in stillness
of quirks and tics and pain’s crest
which rested like a crown
upon thy brow

Startle from dream
And hold me
As you held me
Yester’ eve

Hum beneath thy skin
The melody of you
For even crumpled
I am in animation
And you so
So still

Still as windless lake
Glass smooth
Though rippled

I haunt thy shores
And hear no aching owl in return
To my cry
No baying wolf
No roar of bear
No answer soft upon this air
Of stillness

Though the moon shakes the tides
From so great a distance
Holding you
I’ve no pull
To draw you one iota closer

Ah, my love
What use are words to stopped up ears
And kisses to unfeeling lips
That in speaking I interrupt
Thy stillness

Forgive me as I harmonize
As best as i can


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