Come the Morning

Nervousness of new
And newer
Makes me sick to my stomach

We’ve got this
I say -not believe

We’ll make it through
Is more truthful
And I tell it to myself

I balance you on a memory
Have you recite all the words
The weeds with their gossamer heads
Explode into view
Memory begets memory begets memory begets you
Here with me now

Safe and sleeping as if the dragon’s den did not await us

Safe and sleeping as if your journey will not be long and solo

Safe and asleep as I long to be
Come the morning I will miss you


The Meeting

the surf quiet
sunrise near completion
i hear her tattering robes
behind me
the scent of ocean strong as she approaches
i was once you
a drowning child
where have we all gone

the nightmare ended
i turn to her
there are only two of us now
what is to be
and what was

which am i
i smile
and pull her closer
does it matter?
we’ve survived

Hold On, I’m Coming

Such rage at helplessness like jalapenos in your nose rage
The silly cartoon rage
Nothing to be done rage
But take the hit on the chin
And begin again rage

Rage that swells the forehead veins
Yet no thought comes–rage
Except the name
Which makes you cry rage

Rage at your limitedness- limited
Rage at the system- systemically followed to achieve
Rage at your fatigue
The turned eyes of others
And tomorrow we take that rage into a baseball sized fist
And demand they catch what
They’ve dropped before.

Be Okay, Please, Be Okay

The problem is the devil cares to mind his tail while we try to keep up with his hooves

So focused was I on the chorus of fine I counted your offbeat cadence -in candor-as typical of the vehicle you operated which is to mean teenager

So when you turned and said
I’m not fine

I listened halved in heart to keep the rhythm
And when you said
She abuses me
Quartered and ready
To dance the dance of not fine with you until the end of time

Or fine became the tune

But you found silence and now I tread here looking for you

I will not stop coming for you

Dearest Sarah

Dearest Sarah,

When the wolves stop howling at the moon, we will not stop howling for you

We will not stop coming for you
There will be no forgetting, no pledge
Just the extended hand to catch you if you fall
And then you fell
And where were we
Waiting perched like helpless owls
So now, dear Sarah,
Now we howl
You will not go into the night alone
Our voices raise with your own
We are on all sides
We will not let them forget
There is no crack for you
Except the crack of dawn