Why I don’t talk much at parties No.2

i once avoided shows and desserts and movies simply because they were popular. It happened again tonight. i ordered a cake because the layers had been brushed with chocolate milk. Yeah. Big failure at home it was. I’ve always wanted something else to be created- so when there’s something new i think- support that. When i was a teen, i wanted a discerning tongue and eye and nose. so i watched out there shows- some of which i loved like Harold and Maude. But then i watched an episode of Friends and laughed. and thought what’s this? the masses may have it right. just they’re missing all these great shows being right with their shows. I’m a complete idiot ignoring something just because it’s popular and you’re a complete idiot for ignoring something just because it is not popular with the masses. There’s a whole world outside the masses and a whole one worth living inside the masses too. all of us- idiots. try a piece here or there and then come over to British comedy, dramas, just all things British. on a British kick at the moment. speaking of British, I’m in need of a loo. Anyone care to point me? Ah, yes. I see.


Why I don’t talk much at parties No. 1

attraction is funny
you can take two well-matched people
and they’ll attract
and suddenly they should get married
or be kissing in trees
when attraction isn’t sexual
it’s spiritual
society has sold it as a love story
when it’s not
it’s metaphysical
how blessed life would be if we could have multiple soulmates. Friend’s a soulmate. Boss is a soulmate. Brother is a soulmate. Mother- soulmate. Wife- soulmate. do we think we know just one person up there? everybody going on about finding their soulmate. I’m sure we know tons of people in heaven- and some we begged to meet again. and given the opportunity, wouldn’t you recognize that friend on some level. feel a pull. Attraction is funny because we often get it wrong. Attraction is bigger than you or me- it’s a call to either the senses or the spirit. senses make you howl like a dog. spirit makes you sit up and listen. so listen already. anybody want some punch? I’m heading over to- the – the food table.