No. 12


A new song in choir with discordant parts for altos

Melancholy sets in after a fine dinner of chicken

I am blessed

Wherefore this curse?

Returned our visiting dog Frisky today

My friend is sick

I worry for her

No. 11

Went to IchibonCon

Full of anime characters

Daughter bought me a stuffed mothman

Black with red eyes flickering:

The maze of people crowds me sideways

I end up as flotsam by the walls

of the restroom closed for cleaning

chatting with Maka and Ghostface

The rivers snake past


No. 5

Misery invited

I attended her day and night

Until my mother reminded through phone call

Of all I’ve accomplished looking back

She told me to be uncertain is a good sign because it means you are seriously considering life’s next big step and that it includes scarier hills and mountains and dangers and promises

So I think the trick is to look forward to good things and back to good things too

And count the little elephants you’ve conquered or whatever other animal invades your room

And never, ever, ever give up when giving up is what you want to do. Unless you should. Because face it, some of us are weird

No. 4

I haven’t showered in a week or more

Scared of being interrupted in the shower by the interrupter man

Who pulls back the curtain to check on me

If I still breathe

Then apologizes in kind tones

Only to do it again

A second second second later.

In the tub you can see him coming

And this is better

Because I don’t jump

And there are lots and lots of bubbles

To hide tender parts

he wouldn’t dare get his sleeves wet

And have to explain to his wife how they got that way

There’s a rhythm to madness

You just have to find the beat